Spectoscope Barter or Cash

Make offer if interested. I’ll take trade or cash. Thanks.

314 805 2137

Pic 1: http://www.stlhomeinspector.com/images/scope1.jpg

Pic 2: http://www.stlhomeinspector.com/images/scope2.jpg

Are you selling just the pole, or the complete system?

Frank what you see in the pics is all I have. You need a wifi camera to screw on the top (any will do) and a holder for your phone or laptop. Either or can be purchased through Nick I believe.

Why are you selling?

I just don’t find myself using it often. I climb/walk most roofs.

That looks very useful to guys in an area with tall roofs or where you can’t get back far enough to view with binoculars, or your 12’ ladder won’t reach.

What does it do exactly?

Do you want to put a price on it?

Make an offer cash or trade. No idea what it’s worth now. I can tell you new one’s will set you back upper 600 to 800. It works well I just don’t hardly use it.

Extends and holds a wifi cam so you can view the roof or whatever your looking at on a smart phone or tablet.

Which version is it?

How about some kickout flashing on that gutter area?
Just Jokin’

No idea.

lol I agree. I need to get to that.

I’ll make the first offer …$50 you pay shipping…Next offer ?

Next! :wink:

Did you get it through Inspector Outlet? Version 2 is longer and lighter. What is the total extended length, and the shortest collapsed length?

Guys if you have allot of 2story or high end homes and 12/12 roof this thing is awesome. I check flashing, gutters and entire roof from the ground and the pic quality of my Nikon and Samsung camera allows me to zoom in on nail heads. I absolutely love mine and when the wind is up I can use in place of my drone. Highly recommend

I know this is old but is the pole still available?