I’ve seen 32’ painters pole but the longest one they had at Home Depot the day I made this was 24’ so that is what I got. Works great, taken plenty of pics of two story homes with ten foot ceilings.

Hi Samuel, what camera do you use and do you find to have a waterproof camera is worth it for this application? When you take picture from your phone, are they saved in your phone or you have to transfer from the camera?



Have used several methods with mixed results. I chose the spectoscope because of the features it offers. Height, solid camera mount, wifi to your tablet or phone, live feed.
It’s also an alternative to sending up the drone in dangerous situations.

I was kind of concerned the day I made it that it looked kind of ‘hillbilly’, but I have gotten nothing but positive comments on this, and there is stuff I can see with it that I cant see walking the roof. I always take pics of roof with this and then walk the roof if it is safe to do so.

Mine save on the camera (Canon SX600HS), which I have been using a camera for my inspections so that works out well. There is and option to download to the phone too. I do have a water proof camera too. Never had to use it…yet

Wind is a big limiting factor with the drone. Let alone now that the Federal gubberment has their paws on them too.

A REAL man would have used a die to thread the stub so it doesn’t look like it was made by a redneck! Perception is everything.

Or… you could have spent the $20 to get a professionally made adapter like I did!

Yes, I have both!

I like my old point & shoot Canon.
This guy made me my cam pole, put my pole on his site.
The 23 ft pole was bought at Home Depot.

Happy New Year All! :slight_smile:



Didn’t know they made them, cost is about the same too. Real man? You don’t have to be mean JJ, you just choose to be. :wink: Alot easier to just order on Amazon!

Sometimes you may have to improvise. Have lost a piece or damaged it and that’s when duct tape and zip ties come in handy. It may not look like much but if it gets the job done the client most times will understand. Clamped my camera to the end of a pole before to get that truss connection photo. Even used an owners broom handle before with their permission of course. A customer had a pitch fork stored on a rack and it was perfect for moving insulation.

Hi Wayne. You unfortunately just missed the tail end of our last order of poles. We had been waiting on the supplier for the next batch to come in for a long time, and finally couldn’t wait any longer and made the switch to a new supplier.

The Spectoscope version 3.0 will be on the website shortly, and you’ll be receiving one of the new poles with your order, which are lighter, all aluminum (not a combo of aluminum and plastic like the old one) and luckily way cheaper. You and everyone waiting on a Spectoscope from us now will have the choice of getting a substantial refund to the new Spectoscope v3.0 price (which will be somewhere around $299 with just the smartphone holder) or canceling your order and getting a full refund if for some reason you don’t like the new pole. I can guarantee you’ll like it though. I will have the new poles in in about two weeks. Look for an announcement here on the message board and in what’s new on nachi.org when version 3.0 is on the site. Thank you very much for bearing with me while I figured this out.

To everyone else in this thread, Spectoscope v3.0 is coming! Starting price will be around $299 for just a smartphone holder, adding a basic wifi camera or tablet holder will be a little bit extra. All aluminum contstruction, extends to a little over 35’.

Thank you!

Thanks man. Looking forward to it

Tryin’ to get my last jabs in before midnight. Made resolution to not be so mean on the MB. Not expectin’ positive results though. :twisted:

We understand.:stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry… I didn’t make it very far… :sad:


I made one similar to that one also. I’ve modified it over the years a few times.
It works ok and is a safe alternative to some roof areas etc. and it gives something for the onlooking retirees to talk about as I use it;-)
One realtor asked me what’s that for and I said that I use it in case we encounter any alligators and vicious dogs in the back yard:shock:

Nothing wrong with a little hillbilly / ghetto engineering as long as it works and you stay away from overhead power lines.

The wait continues lol


I got these the other day, the swivel became useful on its first inspection.

What app do you use to connect camera to smartphone?


Canon camera connect. :wink: