I see it is still listed in the Nachi Mall. But I can not find any contact information concerning it. Anyone have any information on it or is it a dead item?

Here ya go, Mark

Thanks Dave, Been there done that. I even checked to see if Bill was still a memeber so I could get a phone number. But I could not find him there either.

Well, Bill Hendry has been doing all the talking on this spectroscope and I’m not sure if he is still marketing it.

Simply contact him…

(By Phone) 352-236-5180
(Office-toll free) 877-225-2278
(By Fax) 352-236-5179
(By e-mail) handyhomeinspect@netscape.net

Handy Home Inspections
728 NE 42nd Terr
Ocala, FL 34470

Just an update, Bill no longer owns Handyhome :frowning: So the #'s and email no long connect to him.

You can build your own really really cheap. If you are using a laptop and have someone to help out, there are several to built one. I’m going to start my version in a couple of weeks.

Look around for telescoping fiberglass radio anteneas, CCTV cameras, PCslot video capture cards, wiring, and a couple of 12 volt batteries.

I need something that I can reach heights of 30’ +. I am wanting to beable to provide an aerial shot of the home as an extra income. I have a small blimp that I am doing this with, but I am fighting the breeze to much. The Realtors love it. I have something in the works that will work. I was just checking at what Bill had. Thanks for the input though, I will keep you posted on what I finally put together for this. :mrgreen:

You need this Mark !!

Aerial Photography

If anyone has good specs on the spectoscope it would be most appreciated if you would forward the link/document. I have read several post but they are old. I figure by now it has been refined.
Please forward the information to: bennystewart@msn.com

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Scott, I’ll buy all you can make and resell them for you. I used to make them but have no time. Very popular.

I would prefer that you use a non-conductive pole.

Let me know if you need $ to buy the parts.

In some areas Google maps might give you a good enough shot.


You are absolutely correct. I get most of my overhead shots from the same site…:wink:


David are you serious? This is from Google Maps? Wow nice…


Note the emoticon winking.


Very very nice shot Dave. What did you use? The Spectoscope? I’d probably get out a remote controlled plane with a camera and do flyby’s. Of course by the time I’d finished playing with the plane it would be too dark to do an inspection!

You think that’s nice…

How about my helicopter that can hover over roofs and take digital pictures of every defect that I locate.

Check out the video first

Nice roof picture, ayyy?:p:p


Now I can literally get up close and personal…

Nice video! I love the background music.