Speed Test

Test your internet connection speed here.
Mine was 1148 kbps download and 232 kbps upload
on Verizon wireless.

Test yours here:

2570 and 436. . . SBC (AT&T)

Download Speed: 13946 kbps (1743.3 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 2559 kbps (319.9 KB/sec transfer rate)


4832 and 274
Time Warner/Road Runner

Rogers Broad band Internet Service
Caledon, Ontario


Same here At&T/SBC DSL also

Way out here in the country I have had to endure with dial up speeds
of 24 kbps for so long, that 1148 kbps seems like the speed of light :slight_smile:

19701 download
1486 upload

I like Qwest DSL, for the $29.95 a month rate, I’m getting
1327 Kbps and 516

works for me, :smiley:

Here is a another speed test site with more server locations.



Charter cable el cheapo version…$30/mo. without looking.

I thought mine was not the best till this test Thanks John
Bell telephone .
Brighton On Canada via New york
Down 4299
up 668

… Cookie

30329 and 1876 comcast

31380 and 1932 on this one.

Kewl, John


12,000, both in and out.

I have a T1 connection.

I have been using the speakeasy site for years.
I am not sure if it is acurate but it has always made a good bells and whistle show for the subs (subscribers).
If you have comcast and want to know how your modem is performing I suggest you type into the IE address bar and goe to signals if it is Up near 54 on the up stream your signal sucks.46 would be great.
Upsteam should vary no lower than a negative 10.
SNR means signal noise ratio and will average around 36.That tells you how much noise is on the line.
This will be more helpful in checking your connection.
Another good site is performance toast .com

Are you sure that is right? A full T1 is 1500kbps both ways. What you’re talking about would cost about $7,000 a month or more.

Hi Dominic did you get my message.