Sperry Outlet analyzer

I have been using a Sperry Dual check outlet analyzer for a couple of years. Last inspection I noted a lot of ungrounded receptacles in the house. I recheck with my Ideal Sure Test and they were grounded. The Sperry had worked well before. I bought a new one and checked the outlet and the old one is ungrounded and the new one is normal. Do they just wear out? Has anyone had this happen before with the Sperry product? I tried to get to the company, but no answer and the life time warranty is only good if you have the original receipt. Thanks, John If you have a tester that you have used for a while it maybe time to trade it in.

Same. I carry an amprobe circuit analyzer so when it started doing it in a house that I know to be grounded I verified it’s the failure and discarded. I now keep on on my lanyard and one unopened in the package in my glovebox. They are a cheap convenience tool that I don’t mind replacing.

The ground prong always is the first to go on the ones I’ve had.