Spiced SEC/Service Size

1951 House.

Older Service Drop/Attachment/Meter

Updated panel 100 amps.

Spliced SEC in panel. Looks to me like they spliced the older 60Amp SEC with 100 amps to accommodate the main breaker.

I am calling it out a 60 amps and deferring to an qualified electrical contractor.
The only wire I could see was the grounded conductor at the service point.

What do you say!!

150909 116 (Small).jpg

150909 101 (Small).jpg

10-4 Dave…Over~Amped…may cook the little conductor----:smiley:

Well now, I’m gettin hungry. SEC: SpicyEdibleConductor ??

After you guys finish eating you can throw your garbage in here:shock:

What makes me laugh is the garage structure was about 10 feet away.

150909 031 (Small).jpg

150909 051 (Small).jpg

That an Ohio (Broadview Hts) Junction Box Dave?----:lol:

No!! It is a water proof cover. :smiley:

The agents stated this house had no violations from the local jurisdiction.
(Sure right, I need to apply for a city job)

This passed inspection. How could he not see the 10 ft. of extension cord on the garage service door. (Probably did not go in garage)

150909 046 (Small).jpg

150909 047 (Small).jpg

Ahhh the old extension cord door closer. Fling the door open, rebound closed.