Splice or Double tap

From what I understand about the issues with a double tap are:

  1. Multiple wires under 1 lug could work loose.
  2. Multiple devices on one breaker could cause overheating and or overload.

A local electritian just told me that you can legally splice into the wires running to a breaker rather than double tapping them.

Wouldn’t this still pose the same concern of multiple devices on one breaker, and therefore require to be fixed.

“Pig-tailing” two conductors to one, is an acceptable way to eliminate a double tapped breaker.

To many outlets on a breaker or circuit can contribute to an overload.

A double tap creates the potential for a loose/poor connection, which in turn creates higer resistance and heat build-up. A breaker must be specifically listed to accept more than one conductor.

And to add to Jeff’s post (not that he needs any assistance :slight_smile: )… watch for improperly sized (over fused) conductors on the pigtail. :slight_smile: