Split 4X4 not checked

Would anyone accept a completely split through load bearing 4x4 on a new construction project. As a Licensed builder I personally cant believe the carpenter would even put this in the concrete or can accept it as being industry standard. You can even see light through it because its all the way trough. Holds up stairs and hand rails.

How exactly how is that post holding up the stairs? As for the “hand rails”, I don’t see any in that photo. If you meant the guardrail, I’m sure it withstands the 200 lbs of force just fine.

Anything else?


As a consumer, I might object based on appearance. As far as its capacity to support the handrail, I have little doubt that the 4x4 could support a 200lb point load in any direction (I would be more concerned about the attachment withstanding the load than the post itself). Ref: IRC Section R301.5 Live load “…d. A single concentrated load applied in any direction at any point along the top.”.

The contractor is required in most jurisdictions to install a hand rail with a grip-able profile. What appears to be installed as the handrail is not compliant. Ref: IRC Section R311.7.7.3 Handrail grip size.

Hand rail is on other side