Spokane WA Business relocation

**Spokane WA **I’m interested in relocating my business to Spokane WA. Does anyone have experience in the Spokane market and advise?
Thank you, Jim Sullivan

First of all, Washington is a licensed state. There are provisions for reciprocal licensing, however, you would still need to take the Washington State exam and possibly the NHIE if your state didn’t have that as a requirement. Initial license fee is $675 if I remember correctly. Timing is everything. The first license is good until your 2nd birthday after being issued, not two years. The same for your continuing education requirements.

Best course of action is to call Rhonda Myers. She is in charge of Home Inspectors for the Dept. of Licensing. Her direct number is (360) 664-6487.

For the reciprocal info, see this link.

Welcome to Washington. Bundle up. :mrgreen: Call me if you need more info.

I know 2 people that inspect that area and they say its quite saturated with inspectors. I am near Seattle so this is all word of mouth.

There is only 1247 inspectors in the entire state, Spokane is not saturated with inspectors,