Sponsor Needed Immediately: Pediatric Cancer


After conversations with the GGFCC rep, we figured out how we are launching the application to help in raising money for GGFCC, cancer research, and family relief.


It’s built, ready to rumble, and very cool.

Sponsorships are now EXCLUSIVE per industry per metro area. The sponsor ship fee is $100 semi-annually. Additionally, 50% of all income generated from the Local Lava web-app will be granted to GGFCC while the other 50% will be applied to operations and administration.

This is a MASSIVE project, and I hope you guys will consider participating. It’s a very big deal and a history-making event. First of a kind.


Any InterNACHI member who participates…

I will graphically customize any one of our website platforms for you at no cost and load it to our production server for you to work on. OR, I will provide you with copywriting service for your existing website.

If you DO NOT need either service right now, then your sponsorship of the initiative counts as a voucher.

Here’s what is included for websites:

  • hosting on our production server until your website is complete
  • full theme customization (graphics, font styles, images)
  • insertion of your promotion video (if applicable)
  • insertion of up to 21 damaged and defect images in the photo gallery
  • embedding your inspection report and agreement into Google Document Viewer
  • customizing your in-site SEO meta data, Schema, and Open Graph Protocol
  • customizing your website navigation
  • implementing a sitemap
  • transferring your completed website to a host of your choice

This DOES NOT include transferring any content from you old website to your new website. Also, I reserve the right to cancel, or delay, this offer if I get too buried in work.

See the revision above.

Thank you Matthew Rivera (Long Island, NY) and Paul Schwartz (Lawrenceburg, IN) for supporting pediatric cancer research and relief!