Spontaneous Combustion?

That’s what the Toronto Fire Department called this small fire. Peat moss,fertilizer,heat and top soil are the culprits…or NOT.
The Natural Gas pipe has a tracer attached to it, could this have ignited the fertilizer? Is the tracer line “HOT” (LIVE)?
Any help would be appreciated!


No this tracer wire is not live.

It is simply an isolating cathodic protection of the underground gas piping while (at the same time) permitting underground radio signals to be transmitted to the fire department in case they need to locate this gas meter in a heavy fire.


Down here the wire is run from where the utility tap is made through the yards/lots to the meter with insulated tracer.

Here is what I recall and had in phase info/report, no code ref.
[FONT=Verdana]Tracer wire shall be No. 10 AWG, copper wire with TW insulation suitable for underground service.[/FONT]

Never/NO contacts with live electricity what-so-ever. that’s vs. dead electricity :mrgreen:

This is or similar is what I see
[TRACER or LOCATING WIRE](http://www.kristechwire.com/Product%20Line%20Card.htm#Tracer Wire or Locating Wire) (for gas, water, sanitary & fiber optic lines) http://www.kristechwire.com/images/100-0046_IMG_small.JPG

No Mario , not live they do the same with the new plastic water line entrances in order to locate in the future.

Thank You David, Barry and Jerry!