Spray Foam Insulation Wind Mit Question

Inspected a house yesterday built in 07’ that had open cell spray foam encapsulating the underside of roof. Installation was so good that documenting the nails, nailing pattern, and tie downs was not possible without some serious removal. On a previous occasion I came back to a house, built around 1990, and removed insulation(since I had sufficient access and permission) in order to get the wind mitigation done and help the client save money from our terrific insurance companies. That wasn’t possible yesterday, the access wasn’t there nor was the permission to remove insulation. My question goes out to other inspectors asking what their standard protocol is for this type of thing. I’m sure the insurance company will hold the client hostage with section 3 and 4 not being documented. This is a newer home, so I may contact an agent I know and ask them what they think. Any input or experience is appreciated.

Good luck trying to find a shiner. All you can do at this point is select “unknown” for #3 and #4 without owner permission to remove the insulation.

Depending on how far you want to take it…you may be able to answer question #3 and #4 based on building docs. Even then, there is no guarantee the insurance company would accept it.

I would have the client contact the building department and get the specifications for the items that were not visible.

If it’s built in 07, they should be able to get automatic mitigation discounts without the inspection. Once you select built to FBC/SFBC, it gives just one overall credit and ignores the roof to wall and nailing selections. They would still need a mitigation form answering the roof shape, swr, and opening protection. Just mark meets FBC, then unknown for the roof to wall and roof deck, it won’t hurt the insured as the rating tables ignore those variables.

Thanks for the input, that makes complete sense.