Spray Sealing a Roof?

I thought this was just a random thing done by some hillbilly homeowner… Come to find out there are actually companies selling this snake oil. 15-20% of the cost of a re-roof? So, $3000 to pull up
and spray some goo on a roof? Shoot, I’m in the wrong business!

Reminds me of this (for those of you two young to remember this was a spoof on the “Dockers” pants commercials that were kind of a new twist on advertising):


From what I am reading online, it is a soy-based product and you would be lucky if it fixed any problems or lasted more than a few years. Snake-oil is a good analogy. I would put it in the “evidence of prior repairs” category and take a long look for the leaks the homeowner was attempting to remedy.

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I had coffee with a guy who does this. He formerly owned a traditional roof company but made a change a couple years ago. I think it was a franchise system. He basically said what Brian Hoefer said. It’s meant to buy a few years for an old roof. That’s all. It’s not meant to fix leaks or other damage. He was a pretty straight forward guy and told it how it was. He’s looking for sellers who are just trying to make the house more “sellable” and also looking for the buyers who have to accept an older roof in this sellers market. If I encountered it during an inspection, I would identify it and make sure the clients knows that it’s basically a bandaid to buy a few years of roof life.

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I came across one property that hd this or a similar product napplied. It was a senior complex of attached homes. I had to look at it a couple times to decipher what was going on. It appears that in this case gravel was mixed with the spray. I wish I could find the pictures.