Sprayfoam equipement

Hi folks

Any of you know where i can rent spray foam equipement?


Here you go Patrick;





That should keep you busy for now. :mrgreen::wink:

Hi Patrick,

Depending on your needs, you may want to check Home Depot.

They have I think 10 lbs. tanks with hose and spray equipement for around $600.

I don’t know how much that would cover.

Tiger Foam

Last fall I used the 600 board feet unit.

I have used this in the past;

Pretty pricey stuff.
Tanks come in three sizes denoted as 105, 205, and 605 which all denote the board feet of material it will cover. 1x12x12.
Cost for the 605 is almost $700 dollars and if you clog up the hose by improper use, it will cost you another $100 to replace it. :slight_smile:

Marcel C.

The Tiger Foam kit comes with extra nozzels. It was messy too but I think that was a result that I held the trigger open all the way instead of 1/3 as indicated in instructions.

Also critical is to get the contents of the two tanks at the right temps. I used a heating pad to get the tanks upto 75-80 deg. F.


The nozzles are not the problem, it is the contamination of the hose assembly. That is the costly one.
We always buy at least one unit during a job to take care of air sealing and gaps throughout a building (Commercial), works great for that.
Like you said, temperature is the key and removing the nozzle when your done is the other.
Hope things are good Wand Raymond. :):wink:

A trick I found on the little Cans of spray foam to get the tube clean is gum out Carb Choke cleaner .
It also cleans the tube assembly in the can just like new .
Do not wait use it as soon as you are done.

Works for me… Roy

This might work on yours too Marcel

Hi Marcel

I don’t know what unit you used but the tiger foam unit has a dual hose, the contents of the tank are mixed at the nozzle.

Acetone is recommended for clean up.

I agree Roy.
For smaller jobs, I have one of these. It comes with a can of special cleaner to clean the gun. Excellent tool.


Works great for home building.

Fomo Foam Product and yes it mixes at the nozzle and last the dual hoses a couple of times from contamination somehow. Never figure out how it happened.
All I know is the dual hoses cost $100. :slight_smile:

I just purchased spray foam from Lowes. Two tanks with hoses preattached, you simply attached the nozzle to the gun, test, replace the nozzle and go! I got the 200 which is 200 board feet. The cost was reasonable at $249 on sale. It was great.

It’s called Touch n’ Foam Pro 200 from Lowes. It also comes in 600 board feet for about $700 CAD

That is a good price.

I found the large tanks were difficult to move even though the hose was 10’.
If I do it again I would use the small tanks or put the larger tanks on a platform dolly.