Spread Wealth: Obama's Poor Aunt Discovered

Obama does not share his wealth with brother in Kenya, and now we
discover his poor Aunt here in the U.S.

But he wants to spread your wealth around.

I say… “give your wealth to some of your own family Obama”…
leave my money and my gun alone.:wink:

I watched a bit of his infomercial last night and I am now convinced he is the TelePrompter king. Absolutely nothing new, just generalizations as usual. I wanted an answer to the question. “How are you going to do all this and with what money”. Never happened!

All of these Obama supporters will be crying in the next two years. Be careful what you wish for as it might happen.

Thanks to Bush. Bush had a balance budget with a surplus and look what happened. Throwing money at a problem will not fix anything. People pulling together will.

There was no balanced budget and no surplus. That was smoke and mirror accounting. At no time did the indebtedness of the US decrease under any administration in the last 50 years.

I agree that throwing money at problems doesn’t work. Take the Department of education (please;-))

What have we received for the $50 to $100 Billion per year for the last ten years?

Reagan wanted to eliminate the department but it didn’t happen. It’s difficult to reign these programs back in once they are started.

How many more programs will an Obama presidency bring us?

[quote=“jbraun, post:4, topic:33168”]

Thanks to Bush. Bush had a balance budget with a surplus and look what happened. Throwing money at a problem will not fix anything. **People pulling together will./**quote]

You have got to be kidding me James! This will not only never happen with Obama nor does he and his socialist plan expect it to! He will say what it takes to get elected and unfortunately people are buying it! As far as Clinton and a balanced budget, may I suggest you read between the lines. Just another case, if the press drills it down your throat enough most will begin to believe it. This rings true as the only reason Obama may win come the 4th and the only reason he was your parties nominee. By the way the press was the only reason McCain got it as well then they turned on him!


I agree with your last 2 statements, however, I predict America is going to be more divided, than at any time in our History.

The fact that a racist, no name, do nothing, inexperienced, lying, Socialist, Communist, Islamic, Attorney- politician, with questionable associations, can raise that kind of money, is a flag in and of itself! Don’t get me started, or I will tell you what I really think of him! :roll:

It must really suck to be on the losers list.

In Chicago we are throwing a party for 1,000,000 in Grant Park.

I say cling to the guns and hide in a dark corner the next years or step in the daylight before you old guys die of a stress related heart attack from all your panic .

That would be cling to our guns and our religion:p Get it right Bob;-)

We’ll see if you are so nonchalant after four years of having your south side exposed to an Obama presidency

Make sure to you ask for your first welfare check while you’re there?

Rave on till someone covers you up! :roll:

Care to explain what you mean Ken?

Just living up to that moniker you laid on me with that reddie, when you called me a “Hateful Cracker” I am all things to all men!

Why must we resort to name calling Bob! But I am okay with Abe Lincoln or Honkey!:D;-):mrgreen:

Ken I have never done that!

You may notice I do not even use the stupid rep system.

I would sign my name , you Kracker:)