Springy below subfloor

Has anyone seen this before? Opened up the subfloor as the floor was “springy” to see a broken 2x4.

Looks like the builder modified the floor trusses. Likely over-spanned.
Write it up. Recommend an SE.
This a flip. Baring Walls below removed?

Contracted warranty work for a new construction home. The question remains if the over-spanned joists are throughout the 2nd story

Is this your home Steven?

Oh, and welcome with your first posts. :smile:

upside down?

Here’s some more pictures. You can see where it bends when weight is put on

Thanks Larry. Yes this is our home and the inspector did not catch this

You would think the subfloor would be on the 2x12s for support

Of course no-one could see the broken joist without removing some subfloor, but did he report on a soft or springy floor?

Nope. Two different inspectors missed the springy floor. My question is why are the joists built like this?

Because they’re floor trusses. The scabbed piece is likely for a cantilevered span.

What is the span of the floor trusses and thickness of the OSB subfloor? you need someone to do some math to ensure they are not under-built.

Well, if they wouldn’t have installed the floor trusses upside down, it would not be springy.
The long span of the 2x4 between panel points goes on the bottom.



WOW Great catch!