Sprinklers are coming

In my area we have many fire chiefs pushing for whole home sprinklers.
I understand in Canada there has never been a loss of life in a sprinkler equipped home.
We should try and get ready .
If you have any information or thoughts all information is appreciated .

http://www.uponor-usa.com/Header/Systems/Fire/Overview.aspx http://www.nfpa.org/itemDetail.asp?categoryID=500&itemID=18020&URL=About%20Us/History&cookie%5Ftest=1

If you want an option, I love them. Residential sprinklers keep fires limited, and do less damage in an hour what I can do with a fire hose in minutes.

Also at < $1/sq.ft (new work), it’s cheaper than the sum of appliances I paid for over the last few years.


Got my vote .
I went to my insurance company and asked how big a reduction they would give me if I had a sprinkler system put in they told me 100% as they would no longer give me insurance .
I have checked with three companies and they would not give insurance . Reason nervous about water damage.