Sprint users in Boston and Chicago

Is the misery almost over?


Both Boston and Chicago were among the over 100 cities that Sprint recently said would be gaining its LTE service sometime “in the coming months.” Obviously that’s a bit of a vague timeframe, but if a new leak is to be believed, residents of those two areas may have access to Sprint LTE as soon as next week. A Sprint document leaked to both Engadget and Android Police claims that LTE cell sites will be turned on in “limited areas” of the cities for testing. Sprint isn’t calling this an actual launch, instead instructing its employees to refer to it as a “pre-launch mode.” The areas of Boston and Chicago that’ll be seeing early access to Sprint LTE and the dates that the coverage will be going live look like this:

9/12: Barnstable Town/Hyannis-Mid-Cape, Mass.
9/15: Waukegan/Lake County, Ill.
9/21: All other 4G LTE cell sites in Boston and Chicago
Sprint says that customers with LTE devices are free to hop onto its LTE network if they can connect, but it also cautions that “coverage be limited at first but will continue to improve as the network is built out.” While the initial coverage may be spotty, I’m betting that there will be some Sprint users with LTE-enabled products that’ll still be happy to help Sprint test out its new 4G service. If you’ve got a Sprint LTE device and call Boston or Chicago home, get ready to flip that LTE radio on and start hunting for that service.