Spruce Environmental Training

A company that goes by the name of Spruce Environmental Technologies is offering some radon training close to me. (Apparently Spruce is the parent company of AccuStar).

Anyone taken any training from them in the past? How was it? Worth the $ or waste of time.

I have not but I beleive they are a larger company and I think they put on classes here in Illinois that count for CEU’s with our Radon Measurement license. Most of my training in Radon and the continuing education that goes with it comes from the University of Illinois at Chicago. They have a ton of good Radon classes.

I have not but is a much more larger institute providing environmental training courses,its The Aarcher Institute of Environmental Training provding both professional and private training courses.The Aarcher Institute of Environmental Training,is a reliable source of complete and
practical environmental training http://www.aarcherinstitute.com/.Aarcher Institute courses also include environmental management development.