Square D panel

I did an inspection that involved a 200 amp Square D
electric panel and I could not determine if it was
No bonding strap or screw
any suggestions?

Got any pics to show us?

No I do not

I would suggest if you are unsure to recommend a qualified electrical contractor.

When I am in doubt I can count on my friends here, especially Mr. Jeff Pope whom I email or call when I am not sure. I also will call Paul Abernathy.

I am far from an expert but I know when to call someone or differ to a specialist.

If there was no strap/screw, it’s possible that it was bonded in the meter can.


carry a multi meter and check for continuity between the neutral buss and the can

No need to carry a multi-meter. If it’s not visible, that’s what you report - unable to verify bond.

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In some cases, the bond is one of the screws holding the bus onto the enclosure. This is often true with the square D panels in my area, and can be verified with a multimeter, if no bare wires are making continuity to the box itself. Can even be tested with simple ac current tester. But this is outside sop scope.:mrgreen: