Square-One Inspection Service LLC - Press Release

This is a public notice that Square One Inspection Service LLC has not ever been associated with Nathan Thornberry or Inspector Services Group.

Square One Inspection Service LLC is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and would never trade the personal information of our clients to any third party vendor for any reason. It is our evergreen mission to respect the privacy of those who trust us with their home purchase.

Since 2002 Square One Inspection Service LLC has been providing quality home inspection services to the Greater Tampa Bay area, it is all we sell.

Joe Burkeson - Certified Master Inspector.

Thanks for the chuckle…:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Eric C. Van De Ven](https://www.nachi.org/forum/users/evandeven/) This message is hidden because evandeven is on your ignore list.

And I bet you will respond to this post in less than a minute “Joe Dirt”! :wink:

I just referred one of my clients to you. I told him he could count on you to do a thorough inspection. Hope it works out.

Joe’s post is a good one.

Many of us distanced ourselves from this same vendor, for the very same reasons.

Eric thinks its a joke. He shouldn’t.

The matter apparently goes deeper than anyone knows. There is a reason this association’s management cant seem to distance itself fast enough from this vendor.

Something may have also happened at COA…

The Ohio Home Inspections Company is also committed to protecting the privacy of all our clients.

As the owner of Ohio Home Inspections, I have signed a pledge never to sell, barter or receive kick-backs by selling or giving my clients personal information to vendors or service providers.

I signed this pledge not because I wanted to impress other Home Inspectors who may or may not agree with it, but, like the other certifications & Licenses I have obtained, to help prove to my clients that I am dedicated to providing them the best service I possible can and that I am just as dedicated to keeping the personal information they have entrusted me with, confidential.

Kevin M. Leonard
Certified Master Inspector
NACHI Certified Inspector
ASHI Certified Inspector
Ohio WDI License #93685
Ohio Radon License #RT754

It is a joke to me Joe, because I would never think to release my clients information, private or otherwise, to anyone at any time. I never have and never will.

Remember our conversation about the words in my signature. “I don’t need a pledge to do what is right”?

Have you really forgotten how all this started? :roll:

How it started is irrelevant to me. I never have used any service that collects client information. I have never dispersed my client information, to anyone, ever.

So you are nothing but a two bit punk looking for a fight.

Duh, like that wasn’t known already:roll:

You are the one who continually posts after I do, even though, according to you, nothing I say is worth responding to.

Dispersing my clients information is something I have never had to concern myself with. I don’t need a pledge, oath, press release, secret handshake, or anything else.