Square-One Inspection Service Shares Limelight With InterNACHI

This year Square-One Inspection Service celebrated 10 years in business and the Sun City Center Chamber of Commerce held a morning coffee in our honor. Local newspaper columnist Suzy Wisenhart from The Osprey Observer was invited and wrote the attached article that was later published in their paper.

For the record, InterNACHI has been a trusted member of Square-One inspection Service from the very beginning helping our business to grow into what it is today. I am proud to have been able to publicly express my gratitude for such a fine organization which is dedicated to the betterment of the home inspection profession and the clients we serve.

Thank you Nick Gromicko and the staff at InterNACHI for helping us be the best we can be with training, marketing and innovations to our profession which allow us to continue to accurately report findings to the extent that our clients are comfortable in using this information to make financial home buying decisions.

The future continues to look bright for both Square-One Inspection Service and InterNACHI.


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Congrats Joe.

Nice. I’ll link to in from our home page this afternoon to boost your SEO.

Way to go Joe. Congrats. :smiley:


Kudos Joe. Very nice indeed. Many more years of success to you.


Congratulations, Joe! I hope you have many more enjoyable years.

Awesome Joe. Congrats!

Congratulations Joe. You’re an XPH in my book!! But you could pass by as a JNJ.:wink:

Congats, Joe. Riverview is a fairly nice area. It’s where the main office of the Back Up Generator Company I worked for in Florida is located…nice job

Very nice Joe, your one of the good guys and deserve good things.


Congrats Joe, hope you continue to be challenged and rewarded in your work each day.

Way to go Joe!

very nice

Way to go Joe…congrats