Ssuspicious Wind Mitigation Retro-Fit

My September WindMit states toe-nails, there were only 2 nails on the straps.

Client calls & says he now has 3 nails & wants a new WindMit.
I asked him how it was done, were the exterior soffits cut open for access, etc.
He said no. He paid $895 for this retro-fit.
How did every strap get done? Pretty low peripheral areas on a 2295 sq ft home built in 1980.

The company who did it gave him a signed WindMit with the property address & inspector’s license number, etc.
Everything is blank/not filled out except the strap section that now states single wraps.
[FONT=Comic Sans MS]They also submitted 1 pic of a strap that now has 3 nails.

The same company did this “work” & the WindMit.
A home inspection company that is listed as an INachi member, the inspector member’s last name is the same as the one listed on the report but the first name is different…
Suspicious why they left most all blank, why didn’t they fill it in completely?
Here’s what the invoice says:[/FONT]
Service Price Amount Sub-Total
Wind Mitigation Retro-Fit 895.00
Tax $0.00
Total Price $895.00

I haven’t been back to the house myself. My client thinks I’m gonna issue a new one based on the invoice & report he sent me.

Any thoughts…?

Dude, that is pretty tough, They could only have done one section of the house for that price, If it was me, I would do a reinspect for some money, but I would check out different sides of the home. As long as they meet FBC and were a true single wrap I would have no problem signing off. That little thing called CYA:D

Good Luck

Thanks Shawn.
I hate to go out & rain on his parade.
I’m gonna suggest the “inspector” fill in the WindMit properly & he uses that one.
That’s the suspicious part.

Yeah, he better, it his licensed, Crap hits the fan its on him, You did your job previously, I hate to say this for your clients sake, but he needs to pay for another wind mit. I tell all my clients this, If i do your Wind Mit and you update your roof, Call me and I will have to do another wind mit. CYA Brother;)

Marc, There are guys that are doing retrofits and do a good job. Over on my end I work with a contractor who does this and he issues a letter stating it has been done to code. He also has inspectors who are in the loop so they can go back out on same day or close to do a whole new complete Wind Mit and the fee is included in his price so he pays for it.
Who ever the guy on your end is I would call him and tell him about communication and that for the fee he charged the homeowner part of it is your fee. JMHO

You can retrofit many homes from within the attic… This keeps the cost down. I am always suspicious when a home has been retrofitted. Sometimes they only retrofit the garage straps near the attic access. Just last week an agent sent me new picks of nails added to straps and asked me to revise the report. I told him I would have to reinspect. When I got there, only a 10’ section of wood soffit had been removed and retrofitted.

Ask for the signed off permit if not reinspecting. Retrofitting companies are sneaky…

Yea they can be, You have to be careful of that Single Wrap Duct Tape over the Truss… Redneck RTW:shock:

No permit. No soffit removed.
Do you definitely need a permit?

I just don’t think they got some “midget” to physically get down to every RTW & whack in another nail - who knows what size nail.

I think based on that, I’m gonna tell him I can’t help him.
He should go back to the home inspection company that did the work & issued the jerky/mostly blank 1802.

Why is a home inspection company doing it & then doing the 1802…

As Dennis says, I think it might have been only done in the garage area/no insulation.

Thanks everyone for your input on this. :smiley:

Yeah, too shady. Either you do the full reinspection, or the other guy does the whole inspection. Still a conflict for the other guy


RTW retrofits require a licensed contractor and a permit. Roofers can’t even install them without a Div 1 license.

I did not charge them since there was no real work done other than a site visit. I do small freebies to keep my clientele happy. It’s not always about getting paid for every little thing that you do. I could have charged him, and he would have paid… but I chose not to!

No need to defend yourself.
I agree it’s nice to be nice. Good marketing.
Good job!

No sweat doing what you feel you are in the mood to do. Stuff adds up quickly though :slight_smile: Did you offer or did they say they were not paying?

If all they are doing is adding a third nail to existing straps, NO PERMIT IS REQUIRED! It would not be possible to pull a permit to do it.
If, on the other hand, they were installing new straps, then a permit is required.

Thank you.

The whole thing smells funny to me.
The same home inspection company did the work & the bogus WindMit.
I decided to let my former client know
I’m not interested in doing another one, he should call this company.
I’ve got too much good stuff going down to get involved with driving 25 miles away & then
the sh - t will probably hit the fan.
Then I’ll need Meek there to collect in advance for me!

Why would it be a conflict for the other guy? He installed the nails, and he is certifying that he did so in accordance with the requirements of the 1802. No conflict whatsoever!

Part of the permitting process is to verify qualifications of the contractor/installer. Even if adding a nail, it is still considered structural repairs, which requires a permit in my area. And, the soffits will have to be reinstalled, which also requires a permit.

If I was doing a reinspection for retrofitting, I would want all areas exposed or many photos taken of all areas before covering.

Lol, go to your building department, and tell them you want to pull a permit to add a nail to fifty year old straps. Let me know how you get on!