St. Baldrick's Foundation - Childhood Cancer

Do you know anyone that has had cancer? St. Baldrick’s Foundation is set up to raise money for the fight against childhood cancer. They have a very high percentage of money that actually goes into the research and care for the fight.

I will be shaving my head in a couple of months for the second year to help fight childhood cancer. If you would like to help in anyway that would be great. You can donate $$ or even join our team and have your head shaved.
Click on the link for additional information or you can contact me.
Thanks for your support!

PS. The picture on the link is from my Halloween costume.


Kudo’s for being a part of this. Very admirable.

Can you better explain the shaving the head part… is it symbolic? Do you donate your hair? I don’t have very much hair… but may put something forward in regards to this, be it money or the ever-thinning covering of my noggin.

Hi Tim,
Thanks for asking.
The shaving of the head is symbolic unles you have long enough hair to donate. I think the length of that would be about 12 inches. I have short hair so mine will end up on the floor.
I just looked at the St. Baldricks site. They have events in several California locations. So if you wanted to participate in person it is possible. My friend that got me involved last year is on his 8th or 9th year now.
If you want to donate something you can do it online on the link that I posted.
Again, thanks for your interest and if you can help that is great.
I will post updates every now and then.

Less than one week to go. The big event is this Friday.
Here is some information about where the money raised goes:

Here is the page to donate:

Thank you.

Hey David , So how did the event turn out? I know you are sporting around with a new hairless do, and a cool new T-shirt. Lets see a picture. My family will be volunteering at an event this Monday in Tennessee to help raise awareness and honor our son. Several people have signed up to have their heads shaved. This is sure to be a lot of fun.
September is child cancer awareness month. Go Gold everyone!

Hi Mark. Where are you located?
I raised $435. The team of 22 people I’m on raised $14k. The Denver event raised $152k. Cash donations from the event are still being counted.
Is your event a St. Baldricks event? Let us know how your event goes. Good luck with your son.




David, that is just awesome. You will definitely be a few degrees cooler this Spring. Yes our event is for St. Baldricks, it will be in Sevierville TN. which is east of Knoxville, around the Smoky Mountains. Also this event is in memory of my son Graham. We lost him a little over 3 years ago. He had brain cancer. He was 9.
Thanks for all you do David. and great pics.

I’m sorry to hear about your loss Mark.
Make sure you post information about your event. Good luck!

Hey David, We had a great first event here. They shaved 45 heads, and raised just over 7000 dollars. 2 television stations were there covering the event along with the Knoxville Newspaper. It was a great turn out. All of Grahams friends showed up and shaved their heads to honor him. It was really good to see them all, as we havent seen most of them in over 3 years. Amazing what a small community can do when they pull together. We are planning a walk of some kind in September for child cancer month, all donations going to St. Baldricks.