St. Croix, USVI Cisterns

Good morning, I have recently become a member and am in the process of started an inspection business on St. Croix. The houses here are mostly masonry, block or poured concrete.
Most homes here have cisterns to store rain water to be used as a domestic water supply. I’m asking if any one has experience with cisterns and what should be included in the inspection.

Hi David:
Iam the President of Nachi Puerto Rico and your construction and in Puerto Rico are very similar or even almost the same. I see cistern all the time just like you. We do inspect that the motor if connectect works if it has pumps that they are working properlly and that tanks are clean and free of mildew inside and the surrounding areas. Hope this can help. If you have any additional questios or need help we are here to support and net work with each other. Our phone is (787) 690-0512 , 690-0514 email

Thanks for your response. It is nice to know you are there and only 90 miles away. Does the PR have an annual meeting or convention. Would there be any benefit for me to join your chapters?