St. Louis area mold investigator needed.

My girlfriend has grandparents and an uncle that live under the same roof and are experiencing (mold like) symptoms.

What I need is a home investigation to see if any underlying concerns are present that could be conducive to mold growth and if mold is present.

Person needs to very knowledgeable about water intrusion, the affects its has on a home and have thermal infrared and know if a wall cavity check is needed.

Please let me know. You can contact me at

This is Missouri, you will probably not find anybody that can do all that in the St. Louis area. The nearest is probably Chicago. There is a pretty good Industrial Hygienist in St. Louis that seems to know mold pretty good. I do not know if he has thermal imagining training and every Industrial Hygienist I know knows nothing about water intrusions.
If you do not find someone within the next few weeks just let me know, I will go up there to help out a fellow NACHI member. I am booked pretty solid for the next two weeks.

James I will personally pay for the trip charge. Your the guy I wanted, but thought it was just too far. I will pass on your info and if they gripe about price, just agree to whatever they want to pay and I will pay the different.

Some people don’t understand the value of a true professional. Thanks a ton! You were definately my first choice in this matter!

We could try to get Steve Wessler from the Lake of the Ozarks to go up there. He is performing a preliminary mold evaluation and testing for me right now. I have been mentoring him for the last two years. He has been such a great student, I hired him this Spring to help me about.

James I have seen your posts over the years and I am not discrediting Steve at all. I would rather wait and get you there, if thats OK. Save me a spot on the schedule please.

Okay, I will schedule you in.