St Louis area Thermal Training.

Rephrase… If you are in the general St. Louis area and this is relivant to you…we understand that you won’t likely come from Florida or California for this.

Would you be interested in us bringing Will Decker to St. Louis for a very intense Thermal imaging Training class?

Will implied that he would be willing to come down here to offer it, if we could swing it. Prices and date options to follow:

Mark…just a thought…

I am personally not interested in the thermal imaging stuff but I will suggest that you coordinate with James Braun in Jeff City and I think you will find a draw from the NACHI, ASHI and NAHI members from the rest of the state and parts of Kansas who rarely see such opportunities.

It ‘appears’ from the poll results that Nick is willing to come down also. For those that haven’t yet met Nick personally, he is almost worth the cost of admission himself! :wink:

If you guys don’t muster up enough people to warrant bringing it to MO, contact me. We could offer an additional discount to people who have to travel a long ways to do the course in WI on the 29th and 30th of this month.

Email me from the message board and I will call you or call my office at 414-979-6900. Course info is at http://www/

Hello Mark, I just finished taking my Level 1 Certification test and would very much like to get additional education from a practicing Thermographer. Please keep me informed. Thank you in advance both Mark and Will.

As Mark stated, I would be willing to come down to that area and teach,

16 hours. 4 tests. Good content and challanging. Not a phone course.

And you gotta pass the tests for credit! Nuff said.

Two days, and you WILL LEARN!. <- Insert your favorate NAZI voice here.

Seriously, Thermal imaging os the upcoming technology and camera prices have never been lower. Small Business Administration has recently issued more stimulus money for loans.

And Nick has great deals on financing, (FYI. I don’t sell cameras and only charge for gas, lodging and food.)

I DO NOT charge $500 per head for this class. I just teach.

Also, to clear things up, my course is only ONE part of the requirements for the INACHI Infrared Certified Logo. Check the NACHI website for the complete requirements. It is a building science Thermograher certification.

Hope this helps;

Since you posted, you are likely subscribed to the thread. Once we get to a number that you think will work, please reply, and you and I can talk about getting it set up. I think this would be great.

If you “build it” I will come.

The strong part of NACHI is local organization. That begins, and ends, with the local membership. National can help, but you guys, on the ground, have to do the legwork.

Call me (office number, below) if need be.

Hope this helps;