Stab-Lok Panel - Exired Permits - Need Advise

My first post here so go easy on me…

Inspected an older house today, here in FL, with a federal pacific stab-lok panel. I don’t know a great deal about these panels, but I’m told they’re obsolete and just an awful design. Have a bad record for fire and shock hazard.

I noted a few defects within the panel but my gut says the entire panel should be inspected by a licensed electrical contractor and most likely replaced, based upon the risk of fire and shock due to manufacturer defects. Any replies are appreciated.

Also another question I’m asking myself but can’t answer confidently. Prior to the inspection I pulled up permit/inspection info and noted that an electric permit was pulled but final inspection failed twice, and the permit eventually expired. During the inspection I observed new romex branch circuit wiring installed. Apparently the inspection failed but I don’t have specifics. My thought is the new code would require a separate neutral bus bar. I feel obligated to call out this entire issue on my report, including the open/expired permit. Again any replies are appreciated. What do you do when you know a permit was never pulled, or finaled, how do you advise your client:?:

If there is an open permit, the new buyer may need to close that permit before they can get another one (if needed) and all costs to close the old permit may be on them.

I had a buyer last month that couldn’t move into their new purchase because of permit issues. Electrician put in a new panel without a permit.

Thanks for your input David, perfect example for my situation.

Since you don’t know why this failed two inspections I would expect that one would only report what can be seen during a current inspection. I’m not an HI so I’ll defer comment on reporting the two failures.

What’s you’re question about the neutral bar? Are you thinking that the grounded and grounding conductors should be separate?

You know the panel has a history so do your job and inform the customer. Thats it. It is their decision on what to do. Inform them on the known history and refer them to get it evaluated by a licnesed professional. You have no say so if the particular panel is good or bad
As for the failed permits, it’s not your job to go looking for issues, but now you have and now you know. I am sure it was public information. I would suggest if you want to pass it on do it quietly since it is public info. No sense pissing off everyone else and bringing yourself unwanted angry agents and home owners.
It’s just a panel. Report it and move on.