Stab-Lok Question

This is my 2nd Stab-lok panel I have inspected, I have read most of the articles in this forum, but I want to try and understand what is going on with the 60 amp breaker in the middle of the picture right side, listed as “main Lights” with conductors leading back to pole

Please enlighten me

Split buss

David thanks for the reply, but how are the conductors feeding back to the buss secured these look like they are just pressed on, no attachment what so ever?

It was normally a weld connection.

A split bus used up to 6 breakers as the means of disconnect instead of one main breaker.

See them often any many times a week…
Split Main Panel

  • No Matter…
    still a Stab-Lok…
    Recommend replacement.

Here’s a graphic of split bus style panels from the NECH that may help: