Stacking AFCI, GFCI breakers

I once read somewhere it is not a good idea to stack AFCI & GFCI breakers in the panel box. Anyone have any backup info on this?
Thank you very much.

That’s the scuttlebutt, but I haven’t had any troubles like that myself, nor do I know anyone personally who has so suffered. Not sure what to make of it. I’ve been trying to put a normal breaker between the AFCB’s, but it might be for no good reason. It might just be a rumor. They do get warm, that’s a fact. Not sure if they get warm enough to effect the thermal trip curve that much or not.

Thanks for your input, Marc.

I haven’t read anything concerning GFCI breakers, but there was a thread over at where someone found one manufacturer of AFCBs that stated no more than three together. GFCIs don’t have the same problem.

Thats pretty concerning seeing as the next NEC will say that “all habitable spaces must be AFCI protected”, not just bedrooms…

could get interesting


Tests are taking place right now but I can tell you at this point it is more MYTH than truth at this point. They do have a higher heat factor as we know…BUT putting them together with the same heat factor does not on it’s own RAISE the heat factor…so as it seems right now their is little concern about it .

But again…they are always testing and staying ahead of the game.

I believe the manufacturers are working on the heat problem, so by the time the next NEC arrives, the problem should be corrected, or appropriate abatement methods devised.

I just had an electrician friend of mine call me. He was contacted by a realtor because an Inspector had called out what he determined to be an unsafe condition that was a “fire hazard” because 2 AFCI breakers were stacked on top of one another. Anyone have information or opinion on that call?

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