Stainless flex supply life span?

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I have been using stainlees braided supply lines for around 10 years now.They worked great no problems until recently.

We have an employee that said he was getting black flakes in his hot water when filling a glass.I told him to flush the W/H he said he had already done this.

I went over and checked the system the only place I could get the black flakes were at the K/S on the hot side.This was the only fixture in the house with stainless flex supplies.I replaced the flex line and all is good now.

I have been checking every house I go to for flakes on the hot side with braided flex lines.I have found in most cases when flex lines are 5 to 7 years old I get this problem.It seems to effect all brands that have been around that long and only on the hot side.I took apart some of these lines and found the inner linner was breaking down.

Has anyone else noticed this? Can some of you check this while inspecting older H20 systems.I'am trying to find out if I'am going to start having complete failure around 8 to 10 years.Thanks in advance for you'e replies and help.

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neoprene braided stainless steel.

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