stair building (posted by danny)

[ASKNACHI]This question was posted on by danny (from Easton PA). [/ASKNACHI]I want to have some very steep steps inside my home rebuilt, so that they are safer to climb. What kind of contractor do I need to call?

carpenter but you may want to check with your municipality about needing a permit. I know most would say if they don’t know it don’t hurt but I look at it better safe than sorry.

Not just any carpenter. I can’t count the number of lead carpenters Ive met in the past couple of years that can not lay out a set of stairs. Ask a lot of questions before you hire one or ask around for references.

there are places that specialize in stair making and I would seek thier advice on what the rise and run could be changed to, plus you need to factor in the head room at least 6’ 6" at the bottom step and if this will be comprmised by putting a longer run it may be effected by headroom which can lead to flooring modifications this is not a job for the average contractor. Also as others have stated above Lots of contractors just do not do stairs, home builders almost always sub it out to stair contractors.
Also do make sure the contractor gives a written quote has liability insurance and get the required permits to replace the stairs.