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im bulding a set of u shaped stairs in a narrow area were i have to start there wont be any walls and i wont be able to use landings the are is only 80" wide the bottom stair will start about 56"off the wall and the top stair will be at 127.5" i fiqured 7.5 on the rise with about 17 steps i just not sure how to get started i know i’d have to have 2 sets of curved stairs instead of landings just cant find the wright video so i can see it before i cut up all my wood can you help me to get this done thanks bill from NE

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Hello Bill from N.E.,

I'm Dave from N.E. Goooo Red Sox? I hope they improve a bit this year.

Anyways, so you would like to build these U-shaped stairs by yourself, huh? If I was you and I wasn?t sure how to calculate the cuts and make the turns, I would consider hiring a carpenter from your area who is knowledgeable in stair building. I?m sure he can get you started and when you feel comfortable in finishing this project by yourself, just let him know.

Or maybe you would like to jump into this project by yourself, and you need some good advice before starting. I suggest you purchase some reading material that will assist you in the calculations of this stairway. Here are some training materials that you may want to purchase in order to get going with your u-shaped stairs.

Good luck


More Books

Or you can just sit back and watch a video of Scott Schuttner building stairs.

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