What do you think of these stairs!? I’ll be inspecting them on Thursday. This was a flip, so I am anxious to see the rest.

Complete disaster!

Seen those a few times Brian.

Thought they were kind of cool. ha. ha.

Problem is, they are only good for people in tip top shape in their 20’s. :wink:

To own those stairs, you have to be in that age group, don’t drink, don’t smoke anything, don’t have kids, can’t invite the elderly, no visitors unless on the Olympic Team, no late night parties, don’t take pills of any kind and never in a rush to go to the bathroom.

Hmmmmmmm. I like those stairs.

:mrgreen: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Couldn’t resist Brian. ha. ha.


You know i could live with them if they had a full hand rail down the left side top to Bottom Brian…there has to be something said for style…but as is…they are just plain dangerous…jmo…jim

10-4 Jim.:slight_smile:

I agree…

A “Fireman’s pole”]( almost work better here… or perhaps the “bat pole”](, BTW, anyone seen “The Dark Knight”]( yet??? Is it good??

Those stairs are fine, Brian. Just wax 'em up real good, give all guests a fresh pair of socks to wear and put the bar upstairs. :shock: :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes it was very good. I’m not a huge Batman fan, but this one was great!!

I would write it up Brian as a safety issue.


Funny you mention that, I had a house last week where the stairs were slick as hell, the agent heard me complain (because I cussed them out as I tried to “slip” my way up the stairs), the agent proudly mentioned she just Pledged the stairs, “don’t they look nice” - she says! :shock: **(

Have you folks ever heard of Paul Rudolph? He was a fad architect in the 50’s or 60’s, and did some work at Yale and around that area. I attended a tour he gave through the Yale Arts and Architecture building, which he designed, and then he took us to his townhouse in New Haven. He had stairs which were black-painted steel angle-iron frames extending out (cantilevered!) from a brick wall, with pieces of marble laid into the frames for treads, and NO FRIGGIN" HANDRAILS at all. I was scared poopless to descend them (I have a problem with heights) and I was in my 20’s then.

The pictured stairs are not nearly as bad, but I agree will all who posted above, except maybe Marcel. :smiley:

Funny you mention him I recently read an article on him and renovations to his penthouse with stairs similar to what you described

No handrail and open risers. I always include a child safety warning in my reports when the stairs have open risers. The 4" sphere rule applies to stairs as well as railings.

I agree… Looks pretty… is it really worth a chance of a broken arm, leg or head?
Safety issue, at least suggest a handrail:)

Second glance… they seem kinda narrow. Is this the ONLY set of stairs leading to the top floor? Where I am at, you only need 1 set of stairs to meet code.
(please dont go off on the code, its just a reference)

I’ll have a better idea of the situation tomorrow afternoon. This was a flipped house (usually a nightmare inspection), the attic was converted into a “loft” so to speak, and these stairs lead to the loft.

Ok, here’s the stairs as looking down from the loft. I recommended a rail on the wall as a minimum.

Besides, the stairs ended up being the least of their worries. Plus the electrician never grounded the system. The rod was driven and the copper ran for about 6’, attached to nothing.

Just a little growth! :mrgreen:

Did it taste like mold? :twisted:

Nothin better than a mold samich! :stuck_out_tongue:

Did you use your IR camera? You got to wonder what’s behind that pretty drywall.