Does this look right?

It seems the landing should be intact at the turn, and the step kind of farks that up. ??

You can right it up, but whats a new homeowner to do?

What is the measurement between top step and wall hard to tell in picture but looks like it maybe less than 36 inches.

Gary Rusk

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Someone went to a lot of trouble to screw that up. I’d write something regarding baluster and rail or put a caution sign on the wall :stuck_out_tongue: to protect your___. Then leave it up to the occupancy permit guy.

I would recommend painting the top step Red…(8\)

And of course add these auto-comments.

“Since the stairway and landing is not consistent with or characteristic of any current or past building requirements I highly recommend painting the top step Fluorescent Red”

“The installation of a Black Light on a timer is also highly recommended to illuminate the area in question when the sun sets”

“The consumption of alcoholic beverages should only be done on the first floor, and highly recommend spending the night at the first floor should consumption occur”

that’s an accident waiting to happen, and i like that sheetrock joint.

So the carpenter moved to PA
I wondered where he got off to?

Owner said they had a permit, “We just can’t locate it right now.”
30" wide 74" max. headroom and to top it off

Sure, send carpenters like that to MY state…although I must admit they’d fit right in with the “old guard” here.

They could extend the “wall” and handrail with a newel post end. Yeah thats a trip or miss step waiting to happen.