Stairwell Framing

Stairwell Framing (New Construction).

This is a view from the Basement Stairwell of the Framing and Landing of the Stairwell to the 2nd floor of the home.

This is alleged to have passed all Inspections and has had a CO Issued.

Does this look right?

Additional Framing (Same Home)…


100_4568 (Small).jpg

100_4567 (Small).jpg

I’d bring those photos to the Code Enforcement and ask why and how was this accepted.

What did the rest of the house look like Joe.?

Marcel :slight_smile:

Whats the problem?

Good morning Raymond;

No handrails
No squash blocks.
No joist hangers on landing framing

And I don’t even see the rest of the picture. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel.

I agree with the hand rail, but are joist hangers a code requirement? As are the squash blocks? Just wondering.



My primary concern was the 2x4 installed.

  • It rests partially on the subflooring.
  • It is not providing adequate support to the framing of the stairwell landing.
  • the 2x4 is only pinched in and not nailed / secured.
  • the floor joists are beginning to separate at the nailing.
  • no handrails.

Now… if the stair construction was shoddy, you must have a long list for the remainder of the inspection.

That is exactly why I was asking what the rest of the house looked liked.

Marcel :slight_smile: