Im a tall guy, 6’ 4". I like headroom, Its a problem for me more than most. This has to be the oddest design I have ever seen. Carrying a ladder up and down was a PAIN. BTW the tape measure is on the first winding stair, Directly below the … whatever.

Gotta love the Outlet inches from the handrail.

I believe that clearance in this area should be 6 feet 8 inches

I agree…

Unfortunately it’s not something that will ever get repaired/modified. Just one of those items to explain to the client. If they can live with, I can too.

I’ve run into this a couple of times. Ended up at different times with AHJ stating that “best-practice” had been applied etc…

Generally when the buyer/owner has comment made by AHJ that “it’s OK”. What can you really do, you’ve made it known to your client, documented it. I’ve been admonished by AHJ’s “have you ever measured a brand new slider Tim for net clear? About 78”…, etc. I’ve thought, OK when a tall person walks down the stairs and hits head, falls, sues for 300k, it ain’t gonna be me.