Standalone gas fireplace

Looking for some more help as I can’t seem to find a definitive answer on this one. In the case of a listed standalone thermostatically controlled gas fireplace (in this case a QuadraFire) - do the standards for clearance to combustibles and hearth apply? This particular unit is approx. 12" from the drywall and sits at floor level on a wooden platform barely big enough to fit the legs on.

Thanks in advance…

Can you check or recommend to be checked the manufacturer’s installation instructions?

As always, the best advice is to the check the manufacturer’s specifications for each product. For a Quadrafire gas stove, however, I’m reasonably certain, (I used to sell Quadrafire stoves, as well as others, in another life), that 12" clearance from the rear to combustables is more than sufficient. If memory serves, most units are 2" - 6".

As for the pad, most units can actually be set on the floor without a pad, the exception being carpet, but when needed, the pad only has to be as big as the stove.

Check out Go to your particular product and you can get to an installation manual that will give all of the clearances. Most other brands of hearth manufacturers have this, as well.

I originally thought free-standing fireplaces were just fireplaces, but my E&O carrier and my attorneys informed me otherwise. Not believing them, I went down to our local Hearth & Fire store. Virtually every free-standing fireplace had different requirements. So we disclaim each and every free-standing fireplace and recommend that Clients consult with a qualified fireplace professional, chimney sweep, or the manufacturer to determine if installation was done properly.

Thanks everyone, I will most likely disclaim in the future. This is the narrative I went with this time around:

“There are various standards for gas fireplace appliance installation. I recommend reviewing the manufacturer guidelines and local requirements for installation requirements regarding distances from flammable materials, hearth size and height, etc. This is for your information.”