Standard Inspector?

Is a “standard Inspector” allowed to perform home inspections, legally in Florida?

The way I read it,
No. they are not Home Inspectors

What is a standard building code inspector?

Published 12/01/2010 05:07 PM | Updated 08/14/2012 12:58 PM
What is a Standard Building Code Inspector?
A “standard inspector” is an individual who holds a standard inspector’s license in the respective category (building, mechanical, coastal construction, plumbing, electrical and 1&2 family dwelling).

  • It is the responsibility of the inspector to conduct inspections of construction, alterations, repair, remodeling or demolition of structures and the installation of building systems, when permits are required to ensure compliance with the Florida Building Code and public safety.
  • The inspector must perform his or her task and/or duties under the direction of a building code administrator or building official.

I don’t believe so. The standard inspector license is for building code inspections for AHJ.

What’s a ‘standard inspector’?? Haven’t seen that one yet. Be exactly clear on what you are asking.

Building code inspector that is employed by AHJ.

I never saw it neither…a guy in my area only has this license and I don’t think its legal to perform Home Inspections.

So… he cannot possibly be hurting your biz.

Why worry yourself? I am sure it is not worth the stress.

I do not understand why others really worry about what other people do. I have some a s s doing everything for $50 around here. I posted once to see if the guy bites and was a listening member but past that I don’t give a crap what the fool does.

I can’t wait till summer he can have them all :slight_smile: It will likely kill the heavy ole looking guy :slight_smile: If he pisses me off enough I’ll do them for $19.99 for a while and put him right out of biz just for s h i t s and giggles.

Well here is the way I look at it Michael.

He may not be hurting mine, but what about a brother who may not be doing as well? One who pays his memberships, does his continuing education, pays for his insurances.

So in affect, he is operating without a license. So now your a stucco guy, how would you feel losing stucco good paying work to a guy who is not licensed?

If, no one enforces the laws then they are useless and even more important, viewed as useless by others.

That is and always has been the way it is. Except I normally lose the work because the other guy gets around things like workers comp and insurance. It sucks but I cannot do a thing about it. Things got tough and the builders decided they no longer were going to look into things as long as it was done cheap. There is a reason I have not gotten any large home projects in 5 years. Cheaters always prosper, its just the way things are now days.