Standards of Practice comparison in Canada - Driveways

Hi there, I am new to interNachi and have been comparing the standards of practice with other organizations in Canada, namely, Cahpi and Cannachi. Is there any particular reason why walkways, patios, and driveways are not mentioned in the Standards of Practice?

I am located in Newfoundland so not subject to licensing or any particular standards that I am aware of. I began my training in BC, and all of the recognized associations require inspection of driveways, walkways and patios.

I think it is reasonable of my clients to expect comment on any defects in driveways and walkways that present a hazard.

Any thoughts?

Please advise if there are any other significant differences with comparable organizations in Canada.

I use to not comment much on grounds, but clients seem to expect it, so I do it now. If you look at it at their point of view, repairing a driveway can be expensive. Just because it is not in the SOP does not mean you cannot inspect it.