standards of practice Essay

At this attic inspection(which covers multi systems) I have found multiple issues.
There is a minimum of insulation installed in this attic, I would advise the customer to have insulation installed to an rating of r30 for this climate, for energy savings.
i would also advise this customer to have the bathroom vent extended to terminate at the roof sheathing and to a roof jack. I would advise them to have either a qualified handyman repair this.
Finally i would advise this customer to have a qualified electrician come in to add a junction box with a cover for the splices in the attic. And check for more open spices.

How do you make sure you have a a qualified handyman?

No. Don’t do that. Besides the fact that it is against code, it is also a bad idea. Blowing hot, moist air directly at the roof sheathing can cause moisture damage or even mold.

Here is a picture from one of my inspections. This is over the master bathroom.