Standards Of Practice

ok i recently joined with internachi i have a website made already business cards and marketing material already made up. i bought 500 business cards and on the back i have follows ashi standards i really like internachi and what they have to offer i signed the affidavit and it states i must adhere to internachi standards i want to remain a member but cant afford to buy more business cards and waste the ones i just bought can anyone give me more information i dont want to feel like i am having to look over my shoulder because of what i have posted on my websites on which standards i have to follow

Just use them up and then get it right the next time.

You could send me what your cards look like & the proposed change.
Let’s get 'em changed & I can PayPal you the funds if it means allot to you.
Will you consider changing your website ASHI standards to INachi please?!standards/c7tk
I’m assuming the cards are not gold lined worth more than the normal 500 cards should be. :wink: