Standing seam roof joint question

What kind of transition joint flashing is best to use on a standing seam roof where a 4/12 pitch transitions to a lower 2/12 pitch, like a gable roof to a shed roof over a porch?

This would be in snow country.

I appreciate any help, links or pictures.

Larry look under ASC building products I have a PDF but it is too big to put on the MB. This is what you are looking for.

Here’s a link Larry,
Take a look at the LG 106 Gambrel flashing. It’s not standing seam but close.
Normally I would just bend coil stock for what I needed.

Thanks, can you email it to me?

whis11 at chater dot net

Thanks, Peter.

Do you use a gasket under the front edge, then?

Yes, I believe it’s an inside closure strip.

Larry, here is another link, not sure if it helps.