Standing water in back yard

I recently did an inspection that revealed standing water in the back yard. This did not pose a problem for the structure. However, it is a deficiency in the grading of the lot. This has become an issue with the buyer. The real estate agent is not happy about it. My feeling is that it should be reported to stay in compliance with the standards for site prep. What do you think?

Of course it should be reported.
What were the conditions that caused it?

Agreed, any standing water is a grading/drainage issue. Its clearly important to your customer…

That’s what I thought. I did report ot on the inspection report but the agent was not happy about it. He thinks if the structure is not effected it should not be reported.

This is a pic of the area. the water wraps around the back yard to the sides of the house. It does not get to the house. But it is obviously problem in the initial grading of the lot

Thanks for your input.

What makes you think the water does not get to the house? If the soil is that saturated, then chances are there is water under the patio slab as well as against the foundation walls and footing. I don’t see any foundation vents so you are probably a slab on grade or conditioned crawl. Make sure you change your profile so it has your location.

Where are you located?


When someone feels the need to express an alternate opinion at an inspection. I simply tell them.

“This is my considered opinion as a professional licensed Home Inspector and I am going to document it as such. If you have a differing opinion, you are welcome to write it down and sign your name and professional licence to your own report, just as I will be doing.”

There is no need to debate with an agent or builder.

Yes. The standing water in the yard is most definitely a defect.

Is the ground frozen?