Standing water on balcony

Hey guys first forum post here so be nice please lol. I’m currently taking the online class and was doing a mock inspection on my sisters house the other day. On her back balcony I noticed standing water after it rained and was thinking it could be a safety issue. I would think that you want some way to get rid of the water but you probably don’t want the floor to be sloped because wouldn’t that create an uneven surface and another safety issue.

This is just a mock inspection so just looking to talk about the subject. Wanted to educate myself if this ever comes up gain. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks

Did you check the slope with a level? Most patios, porches and deck have a slight slope less than 2 percent for drainage. If the water evaporates within a few hours I don’t see a problem, but the bigger issue I see is the water stains where the water runs off the edge. If that’s synthetic stucco (EFIS) water maybe penetrating in behind and causing water damage to the beam and possibly the columns. If the water membrane under the floor tile is breached the joist may have some water damage. More in-depth inspection and testing may be needed.


What Randy said.

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the railing is way more of a safety hazard. children can climb up the wires like a ladder and fall off.


No more dangerous than a chair next to a standard balluster guard railing. Plus they are legal, just needs child supervision.


Thanks for commenting. I did not check it with a level. I also made a note about water running down the edge. It looks like there was no flashing. Just the tile hanging over a little bit. I told her exactly what you said. Should be corrected

Thanks for commenting. They do not have children. The railings were secure and at the correct height.

Yeah I know they pass code inspection. It’s just something to comment on in a report.


I agree, I always call out this type of horizontal climbing hazard.