Staples on Architectural Shingles

Is this appropriate verbiage for staples on architectural shingles?

“Staples were used to attach the shingles to the decking material. Staples are not a recommended fastener by most asphalt shingle manufacturers and industry organizations. Further, the exposed staples on the ridge cap are not sealed which could lead to leaks. I recommend a licensed roofing contractor service the roof as needed.”


I would say that sums it up. The staples could also void any type of warranty or insurance claim if they are not the recommended fasteners.

Staples can be used on many different shingle applications. However, they are usually installed 4 per shingle and in line with the upper and lower edges. The one under the tab in your picture is installed at an angle which is wrong. Also the ridge cap should not be attached in that manner as it will likely lead to leaks developing. Looks like a boched job to me.

obviously the cap shingles were fastened by someone without a clue…the fact they used staples has little bearing on the fact that they had no idea how to fasten the shingles…jmo…jim

Staples equal problems down the road… it is also a sign of a cheap arse roofer who often will take short cuts. I have never seen a roof where staples were used that there were some sort of problems.

Was it a MFG home? Most of them staple the shingles one, but definitely not the cap.

Any exposed nail or staple is wrong. High nails or staples are common and need to be repaired. I would change my wording and remove the word “service” and replace it with “repair”. Also, dont know what your codes are, but staples have not been used in south Fl since 1994

Hey Peter-

No, it was a standard style ranch, built in 1982.

Hi William-

The city uses the IRC 2006. I called the city inspectors but didn’t really get a definitive answer from them. The ones on the ridge caps have obvious problems and I’ll note the weakness of using the staples throughout. Thanks.


The building codes defer to the manufacturer’s recommendations except in certain high-wind areas like Florida.
Staples and nails have similar wind resisance if they’re installed correctly, however staples are seldom installed correctly. The crowns must be installed parallel to the long axis of the shingle. It’s obvious that the staples on this roof did not adhere to the manufacturer’s recomendations.
Manufacturers never condone exposed fasteners of any kind. Both cap shingle and field shingle installation is defective in this case.