Would anyone say this a a defect? Staples through the paper. This a wood roof.


never installed a shake roof Buck but those staples sure can’t be holding anything as i see it …

Not only are they wrong, but they can also leak

If you are going to write it up…then its not based upon the felt paper (which is not going to do a thing to stop a leak) but rather the nailing / fastening requirements.

Your typical wood shingle / shake will have no less than 4 fasteners in each shingle;
because of the spacing of the 2x4’s in relation to the nailing pattern of the shingle, you will have this from time to time. I see no picture of the shakes / shingles in question that would give me additional information which could be vital.




Are they wood shakes or shingles?

Even with shakes I like solid sheathing, but when installed over spaced planks you are bound to have a few errant staples, these staples could still be covered by the 18 inch laced felt, if there are no signs of moisture penetration, I don’t think I would call out a few staples that did not hit their mark.

2 nails each shingles should be sufficient for cedar shingles.

You may miss a board occasionally but another nail or two are usually a hit. Those blank shots should not result in any problem leaks as wood expand when wet and should seal those small openings in my opinion.

Anyone saw outside light when in an attic covered with cedar shingles on spaced planks and when rain starts, witnessed that light dim…