It’s my understanding that some staples are for one cable only while others can accomodate multiple cables. How do they differ in appearance.

Length of staple leg, as ‘cables’ are to be ‘laid-down’ (stacked) and not ‘on-edge’.

It’s just my opinion but it’s pretty unlikely that you can tell just by looking at a staple unless you had the manufacturer’s literature or at least the staple’s packaging available to check. Many staples aren’t even listed. I just took a look at two new boxes I have, both are the same brand of staples from the same supply house that we’ve been using for 25 years and neither box had any listing information on the packaging. If the product were listed you could at least check it against the UL listing standards to see if it’s listed for more than one cable.

In Canada, staples are marked as S1 or S2.

That’s interesting.

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Pls tell me what you think about this one

The cables are ‘laying down’ (stacked) which is correct, but it looks as if the clamps are not nailed till bottomed, which is wrong… ie… wrong staples.

At least they got the cables right on yours… unlike mine from Sunday… cables on end, and same problem with staples as yours.

Depending on the AHJ you might need something like this. Stacker, Pack of 15

Catalog # BPSTCKR-15


  • Perfect for centering multiple cables on 2 x 4 framing members in compliance with NEC 300.4.(2)
  • Use with cable such Romex®, NM and UF