Star Position


Has anyone heard or done business with this group?


I represent a company called Star Position – a company that does what’s known as advanced search engine placement. We reach a network of over
22.6 million people who are predominantly US based. Our network is entirely opt-in, and the users on our Network allow us to present them with a preferred choice whenever they are looking for anything on the top sixteen search engines (MSN, GOOGLE, YAHOO, etc.)

I seek one reputable source to send my clients on our Network for home inspections in different markets. I would like to speak to you about this.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience. I will be in the office today and Monday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific time.

Best Regards,

Robert Sexton
Director of Business Development, Star Position

Phone (US): 877.732.5128 ext 2001
Outside US: 949.215.0022

Just another Search Engine Optimatization company.

"Shoot your website to the very top of the major search engines and leave the competition in the dust. Your site goes to the top of all the major search engines. "

Save your money and participate in the NACHI Inspector Link Exchange. You’ll get more mileage and higher rankings out of that.

I agree with Erby. There are lots of “search engine optimization” companies out there these days, and they’re all fishing in the NACHI message board and inspector listings. Their claims aren’t realistic - you can’t have everyone at the top of all the search engines. Being at the top is not something that money alone can buy. You have to have a quality site maintained by a webmaster who knows what they are doing. Don’t waste your money on something that your own webmaster can do.