Star Wars

I am a huge Star Wars fan. I just finished drinking out of my Darth Vader mug actually. Just seeing if anyone here is going to the new movie, maybe opening night? I may be alone on this one here :slight_smile:

I am big Star Wars fan. I worked at the Nova Rd drive in when the first one was released. I will wait until the crowds thin out before I go.

I thought I was a big Star Wars fan.

Then I had kids.

They are both much bigger fans than I am!

I don’t think I want to deal the crowds of opening day, but there is no way we’re not going with in a few days of opening.


Nice! Glad to see other SW fans here! I am going opening night in 3D and super stoked about it. I here that they are going to re-introduce Darth Plagueis in the first one and then develop his character

Yep, in IMAX (already purchased tix) in Downtown Disney at Disneyland. Spending an entire Star Wars filled weekend!! Oh yeah, we are Annual Passholders as well.

I am also a fan. Saw the first one way back when it came out and have seen all the others. Only problem I hve is when they try to call it Star Wars IV. It was Not number 4 or three or whatever. It was the first and the best in my opinion followed by Return of the Jedi.

Yes huge fan. Saw the original in 77 at the theater the first week along with all the others. Looking forward to the new ones even without Lucas. Empire Strikes Back is hands down the best one then A New Hope.( that’s episode 4 btw but came out first) Return of the Jedi…UGH…Those ewoks can join Jar Jar in the trash compactor as far as I’m concerned. Man I’m a nerd. Oh well.

I’m going to hold off on seeing the new movie until I have a chance to watch the previous ones.

Seeing as how I haven’t had a chance to see the previous movies in almost 40 years I think the crowds for this movie will be thinned out by the time I am ready.

I rented out a theater for opening night :smiley:


And invited all the HIPpies?

Dominic J. Maricie

I should specify, one screen, not an entire theater :smiley:

It’s for the high school mountain biking team and robotics teams that I help coach.

Way to go Dominic, thanks for all you do.:smiley:

The HomeStrangers don’t get to come.

Grew up that saga. I was 7 when the first film came out. Of course, I had all the figures and toys…
Glad G Lucas is out of the picture in this one. Abrams and Kennedy, I think, can really bring back the excitement of the series. Also, bringing back the original writer of Empire and Raiders, Lawrence Kasdan, should make it great. Sticking with models and using film instead of digital, shows Abrams commitment.


WHOA!! I remember that theater. That’s crazy.

Very cool, Dom!! They will remember that for years to come.